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DISKUS BRIEF (DB) was founded in late 1985 by Horst Köhler, and first published in the spring of 1986. The exclusive articles for DISKUS BRIEF are written by expert authors from all over the world. The articles give in-depth information on topics that concern the serious Discus breeders and hobbyists. A panel of Scientific Advisors provides the editor with guidance to monitor the articles before publication. The advice given ensures DB does not become a forum for dubious theories, untested medications, and wild speculation.

Currently, DISKUS BRIEF is a quarterly magazine with 36 full-color pages, 6-1/2" by 9-1/2", and a circulation in Germany of over four thousand subscribers. In 1990, the publishers decided to provide an English translation supplement for the already popular magazine. Then, in the Spring of 1993, Nathan Chiang of Taiwan began publishing a fully translated Chinese version called "The CHINESE DISKUS BRIEF." The Chinese Magazine added a truly international flavor. By mid-1993, the demand grew for a similar full-format English version of DISKUS BRIEF. After several months of searching, the publishers decided upon Curtis Kafer, of Diskus Design, who had background in editing and publishing "Discus Talk," the magazine of the Discus Study Group.

DISKUS BRIEF: The International Discus Journal, contains the main translated articles along with additional articles from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries. The balance of its contents provided by the US Associate Publisher includes: regional news, photographs, book reviews, and classified and commercial advertisements. DISKUS BRIEF was published quarterly, one month later than the German version, in the middle of April, July, October, and January.


Diskus Brief, International - stopped publication with the 2nd editon of 1998.


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