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Diskus Brief, International

Volume I – March 1994 – Issue 1


The Aquatic Toxicology of Aluminum, Part 1
Paul Ceroke, USA
Flocculation and Precipitation of Suspended Solids
in Municipal Water Treating
Engelbert Mayer, Germany
New Biotesting Procedure for Water Monitoring in Germany
BMFT-Journal nr. 4-5/November 1993
Effects of pH Fluctuations upon the Health of Discus
Roland Fischer, Germany
Translated by: Paul Ceroke
What is Important in the Photography of Aquarium Fish
Manfred Voth, Germany
A Somewhat Unusual Artificial Rearing of Discus
Volker Wronski, Germany
Translated by: Paul Ceroke
Beginner’s Problems
Frank Hunger, Germany
Translated by: Paul Ceroke
Information About Malaysian Discus

Consultation is Part of Selling Discus
Volker Wronski, Germany
What to do When Gasping at the Water Surface Occurs?
Paul Ceroke, USA


Volume I – June 1994 – Issue 2


Natural Habitat of the Discus Fish
Professor Dr. Ulrich Saint-Paul, Germany
My Experiences with the Discus Fish Epidemic
Ernst Rittirsch, Germany
The Aquatic Toxicology of Aluminum, Part 2
Paul Ceroke, USA
Optimal Feeding of Discus
Friedhelm Schulten, Germany
Cestodes!!! – A First Hand Account
Ralf Bunte, Germany
Question & AnswerHow long do Discus Eggs Remain Capable of Being Fertilized?

From: Gunter Konecke-Behrend, Germany
Answered by: Friedhelm Schulten
Concerning Problems with “Pigeon Blood” Discus Fish
From: Rudolf Hackl, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Kohler
Reoccupation of a “contaminated” Aquarium?
From: Wolfgang Lopprich, Germany
Answered by: Prof. Dr. R. Hoffman, Dr Petra Kolle
Flubenol-5%, Possible Solubility in Water of Low
From: Lars Sebralla, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Kohler
Growth of Decorative Wood in an Aquarium
From: Horst Dathe, Germany
Roland Teufel
Units of Electrical Conductivity
From: Susanne Schropp, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Kohler
Fluorescent Lamp Transformers as Aquarium Heaters
From: Gunter Ludmann, Germany
Answered by: Hanns-J. Krause
Setting up a New Discus Tank
From: Franz Krokowski, Germany
Answered by: Friedhelm Schulten



Discus Breeding for Everybody? Problems with Spawning
of Alenquer-Fl-Discus Fish
From: Volker Wronski, Germany
Problems with “Pigeon Blood” Discus
From: Werner Paehler, Germany


Volume I – September 1994 – Issue 3


Bing’s Cobalt Blue
Dick L. Au
Fish Tuberculosis – Dangerous and Insidious
Roland Teufel, Germany
New Tolerance Limits of the Equropean Commission:
Now More Herbicides will be Tolerated in Drinking water!
Horst W. Kohler
Intensive Treatment for Discus
Dr. Norbert Menauer, Germany
Disease Problems with My Wild Caught Discus, Part
Horst W. Kohler, Germany
Visit the Discus Hatchery of Lo Wing Yat in Hongkong
Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, Germany
A Discus with Unusual Feeding Preferences
Ralf Buente, Germany
Nitrates in the Aquarium – the Meaning and Influence
Joerg Ohliger, Germany
Habitat Protection and Reintroduction to the Wild
Reprinted from “Betrifft: Artenschuts” by Claus Schaefer,
DCG Info, June 1994, p121-125, Germany
Questions & Answers

Tapeworm Infestation of Discus Fish
From: Beate Naarmann, Germany
Answered by: Roland Teufel, Germany

Proper Filter Cleaning
From: Matthias Iser, Germany
Comments: Roland Teufel, Germany
Benefits from the Efforts of Daily Water Changes
From: Matthias Iser, Germany
Tapeworm Infestation Successfully Repulsed
From: Walter Henle, Switzerland
Re: Issue 2/94, p 17-18, Tapeworms! A First Hand
From: Ralf Buente, Germany


Volume I – December 1994 – Issue 4


Symphysodon in Suriname
Jack Eattley, USA
Crosses & Hybrids
Dick Au
Reducing the pH Value, But How? – Part 1
Hanns-J. Krause, Germany
Something to Ponder: Loss of Vitamins in Fish Food
Experiences With a Self Constructed Biological Nitrate
Jorg Ohliger, Germany
The New Legend of the Royal Blue Discus
Roland Fischer, Germany

Tapeworms Successfully Combated
From: Horst W. Kohler
Questions & Answers

Fin Deficiencies in Discus Juveniles
From: Hans Greife, The Netherlands
Answered by: Friedhelm Schulten, Germany