Volume IV - Issue I - 1998

Dr. med. Eduard Schmmidt-Focke
Horst W. Kohler

Reflections on Over 25 Years of Discus Breeding
Hans-Georg Petersmann, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke

The History of the Tefe' Discus
George W. Wust
Translator: Paul Ceroke

The Diet of Discus
Dieter Untergasser
Employee of sera GmbH, Postfach 1466, 52518 Heinsberg
Translator: William Charlton

Practical Infestation...To Treat or Not to Treat
Dr. med. vet. Sandra Lechleiter
Veterinary specialist for fishes and member of Diskus Brief's scientific advisory board, Germany
Translator: William Charlton

Chronology of a Fortuitous Spawning of Wild Fish
Othmar Burger, Germany

Zeolite as a Filter Material
Horst Kohler, Germany

Medicinal Substance Concentrations
Horst Kohler, Germany

Unbelievable, but true: Building Project Triggers Spawning Activity
From Reader: Heinz-Josef Schaaf, Bad Hamberg, Germany, Germany
The Successful Cultivation of an Aquarium Shop
From: Heinz-Dieter Kante, Linsengericht
Discus From Penang in Retrospect
From Reader: Walter Henle, Switzerland

Question and Answers
Connection Between Germ Number and Nitrification?
From: Davide Quarta, Rome, Italy
Answered by: Engelbert Mayer, Dipl.-Chem.

Volume IV - Issue II - 1998

Dr. Eduard Schmmidt-Focke: A True Friendship Remembered
Jack Wattley, USA

My Life in Old Age
Part of a personal autobiography written in 1990
Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke

Improvement of Discus Competition
Horst Kohler, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke

From Embryo to Sexually Mature Discus, Part 1
Experiences from Practical Discus Breeding
Roland Fischer
Translator: William Charlton

Vertical Bar Distortions
Hans-George Petersmann, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke

How Incorrect Diagnoses Can Lead to Incorrect Treatments of Discus
Ulrike Mahlig & Richard Muller
Translator: William Charlton

Blackwater Concentrate from Brazil
A Test Report
Horst Kohler, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke

Book Review: Back to Nature by Dick Au
Jack Wattley, USA


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