Volume IV - Issue I - Spring 1997

Essentials of Genetics, Part 2: Practice (Today)
Roland Fischer
Translator: William Charlton

A Planted Aquarium for Discus
Jorg Ohliger, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke

The Biology and Control of Gill Worms
Dr Gunther Schmahl
Translator: William Charlton

Good and Bad Experiences with Formaldehyde
Discus almost Suffocate after Treatment
Horst Kohler
Translator: Paul Ceroke

Successful use of Formalin with Discus
Stephen Fritsch

Final Discussion
Horst Kohler

Nitrates - How Harmful are they Really?
Horst Kohler, Germany
Translator: William Charlton

Nitrate Recommendations in Aquarium Books
Compiled by: Horst Kohler, Germany

High Nitrate Content - No Problem
Otto Harringer, Austria
Translator: William Charlton

Nitrogen Compounds in Aquarium Water
Horst Kohler
Translator: William Charlton

Chance Spawning in our Discus Community Tank
Wolfgang Thiel and Kerstin Hafemann, Germany

Antibiotics Wonder Weapons?
From Reader: Jurgen Singer, Germany
Clever Discus Parents
From: Horst W. Köhler
Good Discus Food - A problem?
From Reader: Thomas Scholz, Germany
Variable Sizes with Discus Larvae
From: Horst W. Köhler

Question and Answers
Why Does the pH in my Aquarium Increase?
From: Bernd Renz, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Köhler
Danger from Aluminum Components?
From: A. Uhlenbruch, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Köhler

Volume IV - Issue II - Summer 1997

The "Snakeskin" Discus
Clifford Chan, Singapore

Nitrite and Nitrate in the Aquarium
Horst Kohler and Paul Ceroke

Experiences with Dianol against the "Discus Plague"
Michael Dobelmann, Germany

No Fear of Asian Imports
Ralf Schnackertz
Translator: William Charlton

You will not be able to give them up again
Detlef Puzicha, Germany
Translator: William Charlton

The pH Value Falls Inexorably - What should I do?
Hanns-J. Krause
Translator: William Charlton

Discus in Absentia
Hans Jurgen Klute, Germany

Another New Attendance Record for Aqua-Fisch in Germany
Press Release by: Christian Homrighausen, Biologist, Zoo Zajac, Germany

Japan Connection

An Innovative Breeder - Cheung Wai Shing
Johnny Yip

Essentials of Genetics, Part 2
From Reader: Bodo Strohlein, Germany
Suitability of Zeolite as a Filter Material
From: Detlef-Ehrhardt, Germany
Metasorb as an alternative to Zeolite
From Reader: Matthias Ekstein, Germany
"Pigeon Blood" Fry Raised by Parents
Better Discus in Aquarium Shops
From: David Lass, Nahant, MA USA
Catfish in the Discus Aquarium
From: Martin Deitzer, Germany
Biology and Control of Gill Worms
From: Horst Köhler, Germany
Gravel Consumption by Discus
From: Elmar Rothenbusch, Germany

Question and Answers
Are any fish diseases transferable to humans?
From: Christiane Witt, Germany
Answered by: Dr. Petra Kolle and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hoffman
The Asian Circuit
From: Manfred Rehrmann, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Köhler

Volume IV - Issue III - Fall 1997

To Judge, or Just Exhibit?
Thomas Scholz, Germany

Translator: William Charlton

Care of Wild-Caught Discus
Matthias Ekstein, Germany

Translator: William Charlton

Aquarama '97
Phang Teik Beng

Translator: William Charlton

Concept to Market - New Fish Food Development
Translator: Paul Ceroke

Readers Respond:
Allowable Nitrate Concentrations
Translator: Paul Ceroke

Malaysia Discus Success After All
Hans Kerschgens, Germany
Translator: William Charlton

Wild 'Red Spotted Blue' Discus
Nick Edmunds

Germany's Waters - Polluted?
From: Jurgen Singer, Germany
Gravel Eating - Issue 2/97
From: Lucie Schoenenberger, Switzerland
From: Martin Heitzer, Germany
Resonse from: Horst W. Kohler
Metronidazol vs Tape Worms?
From: Uwe Meinert, Germany
For Whom Are All These Discus? - Issue 2/97
From: Manfred Rehrmann, Germany
Market Forces at Play With Discus
From: Nick Edmonds
Question and Answers
Problems after the installation of a biological filter
From: Gerhard Bihle, Germany
Answered by: Hanns J. Krause, Germany
How to proceed with renovation in the aquarium room?
From: Karin Hambeck, Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Answered by: Horst W. Köhler

Volume IV - Issue IV - Winter 1997

From the Executive Editor's Desk:
To continue with DBI or not?
Augsburg, Germany, February 1998
Horst W. Köhler

Dear Readers
Curt Kafer
US Associate Publisher

The Discus Fan
Fritz Hermann Raabe, Germany
Translator: William Charlton
Sex Determination in Discus
Dr. Med. Vet. Hans Joachim Schulze
Translator: William Charlton

Nitrate Content in Rearing Tanks
Barbara Bremer and Friedhelm Schulten
Translator: William Charlton

Holes in the Head
Causes and Possible Treatments of HITH
Roland Fischer
Translator: William Charlton

Antibiotic Treatment of “Discus Plague”
Michael Dobelmann
Translator: Paul Ceroke

Experiences with “Pigeon Blood” Discus
Maik Hoffmann
Discus in an Aquarium Shop
Richard Muller and Ulrike Mahlig
Instructions for Discus Breeding, Desires and Reality
  • A readers response
    From Reader: Jens Marquardt, Germany
  • Reality in the View of the Author
  • Question and Answers
    Sexually Mature Fish but Incompatible, What Now?
    From: Fabio Pelliciardi, Italy
    Answered by: Horst W. Köhler
    Why do so few fry hatch?
    From: Bruno Barilli and Reggio, Italy
    Answered by: Horst W. Köhler
    Gas burning heater causing Nervous Discus?
    Answered by: Horst W. Köhler


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