Volume II - March 1995 - Issue 1


The Significance of Aluminum Toxicity to the Aquarist
By: Horst W. Köhler, Germany

Tips for the Aquarist
By: Engelbert Mayer, Germany

Reducing the pH Value, But How? - Part II
By: Hanns-J. Krause, Germany

Examinations of Discus Fish
By: Dr. Petra Kölle and Dr. Rudolf Hoffmann

Catfish in the Discus Aquarium
By: Barbara Bremer and Friedhelm Schulten

Report from Malaysia: First Penang International Discus and Gold Fish Competition and Show '94
By: Phang Teik Beng

Commentary: Breeding "Pigeon Blood" Fish
By: Horst W. Köhler

Volume II - June 1995 - Issue 2


Discus Study Group: Symposium VI
by: Mary E. Sweeney

My Planted Discus Aquarium
by: Gerhard Grieseler, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

BOOK REVIEW - "Adventures with Discus by Hans J. Mayland"
by Lee Finley

Problems with My Wild Discus - Part 2: Resistant Pathogens
by Horst W. Köhler, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

Breeding your own Daphnia
by Uwe Harms
Translator: William Charlton

My Experiences in Breeding "Pigeon Blood"
by Otto Harringer
Translator: William Charlton

Controversy Between Datz and Diskus Brief Regarding the Jack Wattley Article
by Horst W. Köhler

Volume II - September 1995 - Issue 3


Are Discus Fish Objects for Collection or Exchange?
by Ralf Bünte, Germany
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

Formalin as a Medication in Fresh Water Aquariums
by Sandra Lechleiter, DVM
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

Epitheliocystis Among Discus, The New Plague?
by Dr Petra Kölle, DVM and Prof R. Hoffman, DVM
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

Diskus Brief Participated in 1995's Largest European Aquarium Trade Show

Impressions From Singapore's AQUARAMA '95
by Nathan Chiang

Discus Fishes in my Planted Tank
by Klaus-Peter Müller, Germany
Translaror: William Charlton

Volume II - December 1995 - Issue 4


Ten Years Ago: The Origin of Diskus Brief
by Horst Kohler
Translator: William Charlton, USA

Thanks and Congratulations...
by Walter Heine, Dusseldorf
Translator: William Charlton, USA

Egg Fungus - A Common Problem in Discus Breeding
by Roland Fischer, Germany
Biologist and member of DISKUS BRIEF's scientific advisory group.
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

How Important is Activated Carbon Filtration with Reverse Osmosis?
by Burkhard Ramsch and Beate R. Sellner
Biologists with AquaCare - Aquatic Systems Research, Herner Strasse 10, 45699 Herten, Germany.
Translator: Paul Ceroke, USA

Interesting Wild-Caught Rarities
by Ralf Battenberg
Translator: William Charlton, USA

My Planted Discus Tank
by Harry Reim
Translator: William Charlton, USA
Garlic (ALLIUM SATVUM) As An Anti-Nematodal Agent in the Genus Symphysodon
by Terry Fairfield, BS


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