Volume I - March 1994 - Issue 1


The Aquatic Toxicology of Aluminum, Part 1
Paul Ceroke, USA

Flocculation and Precipitation of Suspended Solids in Municipal Water Treating
Engelbert Mayer, Germany

New Biotesting Procedure for Water Monitoring in Germany
BMFT-Journal nr. 4-5/November 1993

Effects of pH Fluctuations upon the Health of Discus
Roland Fischer, Germany
Translated by: Paul Ceroke

What is Important in the Photography of Aquarium Fish
Manfred Voth, Germany

A Somewhat Unusual Artificial Rearing of Discus
Volker Wronski, Germany
Translated by: Paul Ceroke

Beginner's Problems
Frank Hunger, Germany
Translated by: Paul Ceroke

Information About Malaysian Discus

Consultation is Part of Selling Discus
Volker Wronski, Germany
What to do When Gasping at the Water Surface Occurs?
Paul Ceroke, USA

Volume I - June 1994 - Issue 2


Natural Habitat of the Discus Fish
Professor Dr. Ulrich Saint-Paul, Germany

My Experiences with the Discus Fish Epidemic
Ernst Rittirsch, Germany

The Aquatic Toxicology of Aluminum, Part 2
Paul Ceroke, USA

Optimal Feeding of Discus
Friedhelm Schulten, Germany

Cestodes!!! - A First Hand Account
Ralf Bunte, Germany

Question & Answer
How long do Discus Eggs Remain Capable of Being Fertilized?
From: Gunter Konecke-Behrend, Germany
Answered by: Friedhelm Schulten

Concerning Problems with "Pigeon Blood" Discus Fish
From: Rudolf Hackl, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Kohler
Reoccupation of a "contaminated" Aquarium?
From: Wolfgang Lopprich, Germany
Answered by: Prof. Dr. R. Hoffman, Dr Petra Kolle
Flubenol-5%, Possible Solubility in Water of Low pH?
From: Lars Sebralla, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Kohler
Growth of Decorative Wood in an Aquarium
From: Horst Dathe, Germany
Roland Teufel
Units of Electrical Conductivity
From: Susanne Schropp, Germany
Answered by: Horst W. Kohler
Fluorescent Lamp Transformers as Aquarium Heaters
From: Gunter Ludmann, Germany
Answered by: Hanns-J. Krause
Setting up a New Discus Tank
From: Franz Krokowski, Germany
Answered by: Friedhelm Schulten

Discus Breeding for Everybody? Problems with Spawning of Alenquer-Fl-Discus Fish
From: Volker Wronski, Germany
Problems with "Pigeon Blood" Discus
From: Werner Paehler, Germany

Volume I - September 1994 - Issue 3


Bing's Cobalt Blue
Dick L. Au

Fish Tuberculosis - Dangerous and Insidious
Roland Teufel, Germany

New Tolerance Limits of the Equropean Commission:
Now More Herbicides will be Tolerated in Drinking water!
Horst W. Kohler

Intensive Treatment for Discus
Dr. Norbert Menauer, Germany

Disease Problems with My Wild Caught Discus, Part 1
Horst W. Kohler, Germany

Visit the Discus Hatchery of Lo Wing Yat in Hongkong
Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, Germany

A Discus with Unusual Feeding Preferences
Ralf Buente, Germany

Nitrates in the Aquarium - the Meaning and Influence
Joerg Ohliger, Germany

Habitat Protection and Reintroduction to the Wild
Reprinted from "Betrifft: Artenschuts" by Claus Schaefer, DCG Info, June 1994, p121-125, Germany

Questions & Answers
Tapeworm Infestation of Discus Fish
From: Beate Naarmann, Germany
Answered by: Roland Teufel, Germany
Proper Filter Cleaning
From: Matthias Iser, Germany
Comments: Roland Teufel, Germany
Benefits from the Efforts of Daily Water Changes
From: Matthias Iser, Germany
Tapeworm Infestation Successfully Repulsed
From: Walter Henle, Switzerland
Re: Issue 2/94, p 17-18, Tapeworms! A First Hand Report
From: Ralf Buente, Germany

Volume II - June 1994 - Issue 4


Symphysodon in Suriname
Jack Eattley, USA

Crosses & Hybrids
Dick Au

Reducing the pH Value, But How? - Part 1
Hanns-J. Krause, Germany

Something to Ponder: Loss of Vitamins in Fish Food

Experiences With a Self Constructed Biological Nitrate Filter
Jorg Ohliger, Germany

The New Legend of the Royal Blue Discus
Roland Fischer, Germany
Tapeworms Successfully Combated
From: Horst W. Kohler
Questions & Answers
Fin Deficiencies in Discus Juveniles
From: Hans Greife, The Netherlands
Answered by: Friedhelm Schulten, Germany


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